“The Journey from Seed to Wellness at New Standard”

At New Standard, we believe in the power of turning seeds into wellness. Our journey begins in our homegrown gardens, where we plant and nurture each seed with tender care and scientific precision. Through meticulous quality control and innovative cultivation methods, we grow cannabis that is both potent and pure.

Once harvested, these plants travel to our state-of-the-art Provisioning Centers. Here, our specialists transform them into a variety of wellness products – from medicinal tinctures for pain management to recreational crafts that elevate the senses. Our goal is to unlock the potential of cannabis and make it accessible for everyone.

But New Standard’s journey does not end here. Our team is consistently building networks with healthcare providers and local communities, aiming to educate about the therapeutic potential of cannabis. We are committed to erasing stigma, one person at a time, in our quest to normalize cannabis use for health and wellness.

This is New Standard. We are not just a cannabis provisioning center; we are pioneers paving the way for a healthier society.