The Green Haven in Palmyra, MO

In the heartland of America, Hannibal, MO, a unique story unfolds at Codes, a beacon for those seeking alternate means of healing. Here, a small company grew into a community staple, fighting against the odds and social norms, to become a renowned harbinger of healthcare advancement.

A Medical Dispensary Like No Other

Recognizing the healing potential of cannabis, Codes set off on a mission to becoming a leading Medical Dispensary. Their dedication was clear to all — from friendly Saverton, MO locals to the lively folks of New London, MO. But it was their brilliant approach, unbiased help, and unwavering support that distinguished them among other dispensaries.

Advancing Care in the Heartland

Now, Hannibal, Palmyra, and surrounding areas have an accessible, leading-edge, and empathetic resource. They gain not just a store, but a support system close to home. Codes are the pioneers in this green revolution, showing unflagging determination to legitimatize and capitalize on the health benefits of cannabis. This, indeed, is their inspiring tale – from a small start-up to a dependable harbor of hope for many across Missouri.