The Glorious Journey of The Sanctuary

Established in the heart of California, The Sanctuary has emerged as an illustrious name in the cannabis world. With locations spanning Sacramento to Citrus Heights, we provide the community with a range of cannabis products that cater to varying preferences while ensuring an unmatched customer service experience. Our pillars of success lie in our extensive knowledge, unparalleled selection, and undying commitment to destigmatizing cannabis use.

Our Wide Reach and Reliable Services

Boasting cannabis dispensaries in both Represa and West Sacramento, our services cater to customers across these regions. We also have our CBD store in Citrus Heights, where you’d find a wide assortment of CBD products, edibles, and oils. Seeking solace in the tranquil city of North Highlands? We got you covered with our marijuana dispensary to meet your needs.

A Steadfast Presence in Folsom

At Folsom, we continue our journey, reaching out to those who benefit from the healing and recreational properties of cannabis. Our aim is always to provide a safe environment, wherein clients feel comfortable exploring our products and gaining the necessary information, all under one roof – at The Sanctuary.