SOAR Dispensary – Leading the Green Revolution in Meridian and Beyond

Based in Meridian, Mississippi, SOAR Dispensary is proudly pioneering the medicinal cannabis revolution. Our focus is not only delivering high-quality medical marijuana to our patients in the local area, but we are also extending our influence and services to neighboring areas such as Collinsville, Marion, Bailey, Nellieburg, and Russell.

Only the most potent strains of medical cannabis pass through our rigorous selection process. Our patient-focused approach ensures that safety, potency, and efficacy remain the golden trio behind all our dispensary operations. Whether you are in Meridian, MS or hailing from Collinsville, MS, our dedicated team will offer thorough guidance about the benefits of medical cannabis, and assist in selecting the perfect strain for your individual needs.

Our passion spreads beyond the Shelby Thompson drive, reaching far into the heart of Marion, MS, and Bailey, MS. We are committed to fostering a more informed, open-minded community, where the stigma surrounding medical marijuana gives way to understanding, and where relief for a multitude of symptoms is within everyone’s reach.

In Nellieburg, MS, and Russell, MS, we’re growing roots and spreading wings, continually expanding both our services and our knowledge. We make it our mission to stay up to date with latest studies and advances in our industry to better service our clients, debunking myths and misconceptions with facts and scientific evidence.

At SOAR Dispensary, you don’t just get premium-grade medical cannabis, you also join a community that rises above pain and stigma, one where wellbeing SOARs to new heights. We are your Medicinal Cannabis Compass, guiding you through a more enlightened, healthier world, one strain at a time.