Foul Daemons

If you have the knowledge of the ancients, you can be sure that they know more than you. – Sometimes they don’t; being the moral of this story. –

Last time we went into dreaming – and how easy it is to remember what was going on there – unfortunately there is even more to that.

Your life flashing before your eyes. The knowledge of the ancients. Let the kids go – Let her go. Let them go – we’re going to have to let you go –

It never stops. Never. Frighting eh? – Not really if you loose track of what you wanted to say that was so important. Saying it twice is something different altogether. A big nasty snake – and it is.

Most of the confusion is clenching or holding things – and then casting them. – A story for another day. Today, here it is again. Ouch. Stop. Quit it. Anyway *

Have you ever prayed to the ancients>?

It is seriously fascinating. Here’s why. – lol

Two clues are sucking – black ivy spots. So your heart doesn’t stop, while your laughing on the floor. At some stupid bunch of chickens or something – there is a foul – “flatulent.” – from the rear.

Whats worse is the Chinese always after you, saying something like “watch your back.” the Chinese, a great bunch of lads – we’re always looking forward to the future.

So, putting aside going back in time for the moment – and focus on “Let the kids go” Casting spells is nothing new – but omg . – wait for it. – suck them instead of casting them – there . you cast it there. – Basically, what they mean to say is – terribly – mind you –


So yes. Keep sucking coins – lol and you have it. – that – right there –

“Get your hands off of me” is a popular thing to say. But- unfortunately you mean it – you really do. I cant grab any of those trees- and I my head is swimming. Yeah. -on. and on and on. – We don’t know. – war with the rabbits usually takes on heavy heavy damage. –

If we are ready to go to war – and win – then you have to catch the dream. It flashes first – then it comes again – and again – lower and lower, they sink down. – Down there. and its something beautiful.

If its going in both ears. –

Its terrifying. – Anyway. – This is the hard part:

Catch them doing it – catch them dreaming. – Become dream conscious. Go right through to your coin sucking. – then we dont have to go war with the rabbits.

And I will – keep you updated on how sour it really is. – this is so hard to understand – while your asleep. Or even dead. lol