Nicolas Chaillan Resigns


If you want to read an angry letter – read this one:

However, while some would argue that linkdin is a waste – security clearances do not understand. In order to get clearance – which was the subject of many newspaper articles, and job advertisements nobody knowing what happened after enlistment age but senior officials – including the police – dont go over so well at all.

“We have no competing fighting chance against China in 15 to 20 years. Right now, it’s already a done deal; it is already over, in my opinion,” Nicolas Chaillan, 37

So in order to operate the correct set of credentials – besides a con involving “cloud computing” and VmWare to say the least is a manx the size of a truck and by George III – you are fooling yourself.

Or – you have well to do – show us your love:

“At this point, I am just tired of continuously chasing support and money to do my job,” he said of the pioneering Pentagon job that was “probably the most challenging and infuriating of my entire career.”

“good reason to be angry” at the US failing to rise to China’s cyber threat, even fearing that it puts his children’s future at risk is more than likely discounted however, your not getting through any college program that I know of.

Then, choosing the right officer’s school before – enlistment. And you will have it – a government security clearance. Not before – or after – is the subject of “kindergarten level.” software piracy, and something that most people had forgotten – if uh, you cant make any money without my help – then, and many others need to go. And so I send you – go home.

But they had – 85.96 billion.

Its easy – where is that money? – go fool somebody else. If it costs $10,000 to put servers in a co-location – it costs – and are you ready for this – $10,000. However, not that the subject matter had interested you at all – there is no more work to do.

Some argue differently – like the Navy. This polly shore video helps explain:

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