China and Taiwan


Everyone knows that – if you can afford the $3,000 plane ticket to china – you should prepare to be dazzled. However – what if – what if you wanted to live there on your meager savings. Not likely.

Everything is secret – and usually the antitheses are also secret. And because they are – someone has already prepared – a list of secrets; which can be read aloud – or kept to your self. They sound better when you try.

However – what exactly was in the middle of “that” ?

“The historical task of the complete reunification of the motherland must be fulfilled, and can definitely be fulfilled,”

If they are the sayings of a Chinese warlord – then they simply are. In between is a lot of trouble to do with people wearing all orange – and like you might think. – They went to the next town to start again on something more interesting.

So, like you might imagine – they haven’t lost their credit cards to North Korea just yet. For example – you can watch any of these documentaries with reasonable certainty:

But it was-ant North Korea that Charlamange was worried about – it was the Romans – they had been judged evil.

With the knowledge of good and evil – is a lot of practice. Which dragon is anybody’s guess – and with Scotland at your heel – nearly all the time – it was the job of an Ireland – full of idiots – while the same dragon also had the answer.

And as if there was-ant enough crimson and clover to go round` :

“The Chinese Communist Party’s rigid Taiwan policy doesn’t take a realistic measure of the current situation, completely fails to account for the development of global circumstances, and fundamentally ignores the doubts and opposition of the Taiwanese people,” it said.

The zone. The only way to avoid the zone – is to take up tiwan – again and again and while what language is this is mine – it was the voice of nobody. So do you want that? Your soul? no vengas? and was it spanish?

For a nun that lives in the United States – is very hard to start another mousq. – and with no intermediary common dialogue or sort of “discussion” it is to be avoided without feeding the parking meter once in a while or going to get one in battered Galveston, Texas. lol However – In Europe this was also difficult – this only very angry way being – a halo. Or you guessed it – a soul from another world.

So, yes clarity is not easily fought for. Neither is blood. But what about the witchcraft.?

Its done like this – if someone says the magic word – the same as pointing – and in your complete reunification of the motherland – which dangerously or precariously teetering on profanity or otherwise – dullards are always left with it.

One, Two, and three, Four – and at five you should have complete control of your mind. which was is the idea.

But for China or Tiwan? Now that – that is an emperor.

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