Republicans from Capitol attack panel?


The House speaker, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, announced on Wednesday – she would veto. That is to say that if she was not singing for her supper then she certainly had not filed a complaint out for anyone who needed her help.

While I left mine outside the door, she insists – ” “I must reject the recommendations of Representatives Banks and Jordan to the select committee,” Pelosi said. “The unprecedented nature of January 6 demands this unprecedented decision.”

The speaker goes on to say also:

“This panel has lost all legitimacy and credibility and shows the speaker is more interested in playing politics than seeking the truth,” McCarthy said.

This being a very slighted – quick reason – and hopefully is no reason for any thing to do with the end of his rope – says – that he otherwise belongs to a panel and in that that the panel is within the scope of a temporary assignment. period.

Howevernot nearly contradictory to the truth he will be back –

Republicans will not be party to their sham process and will instead pursue our own investigation of the facts.

Sincerity was probably one of President trumps best suits – when he thinks your are a funny person – or rather – with no debits outstanding – you are who – in abetting congress – are simply wanting to get into the building.

Why? Following other people inside the building -there was a pretty good secret – and one that sent me to the depths of cruel nicknames. And while spiveyis no name for Eddy Levine. Eddy Levine is the author of ancient aliens and lives in Louisiana and other dark places like Texas – but he would never follow Scotty – to places like Las Vegas. But unless you typed the information at 50 wpm to a very slow computer; you wouldn’t be able see the scope of any type of algorithm to manage it –

Eddie Lavine

Prince Harry would however – dry out all the ink – and you may get the men in black and bad workers. Does that mean pelosi does not like Catholics – or anything else to do with welcoming me?


She may be simply delaying the inevitable – where a very very serious dragon is in control of a very serious communist military. There are erasers and there are erasers – but no covid-19.

Will spivey tell the secret to congress and come with me? not nearly Eddie Lavine on the other end of the television. lol

I think Fr. Mitch Pacwa litteraly stops at 25:00/ for the uninitiated.

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