Marco Rubio slams Twitter


What does everyone think about this scene in the original Matrix movie:

If you didn’t click that; which is more likely than not – a psychologists study of why and where people with attention deficit disorder click there is more likely.Further – a study of Schizophrenia would likely have to be completed as well. At the county building.

However – What did the county building think about the department of Education where – twitter inc. was more than enough? If you did; then well – Neo has political oversteer – the history of the US Army – and while still at the beach is – you guessed it – the government.

However – there is a lot over there – that does not like the government. Then, and then, having been told is Marco Rubio. Nobody tells Marco Rubio anything at all – and while shutting the gate behind him – all the same – he simply said this:

“basically inciting people to take to the streets and attack, maim, hurt and kill their fellow countrymen.”

So did you want anything from the pantry? There are articles after article and yet another article – however – this is article says nothing for a Cuba that had brought everything to ruin. 

Then theory is this – Richard from twitter says that you had misplaced one of your gloved hands – and it is likely true. And likely very Suspicious. Suspicious about leaving the house and chasing sirens. Suspicious about cutting the fingers out of them. And completely outfoxed this time – Richard said:

“You know why they’ve done nothing? Because they’re hypocrites. “

You would likely have to be very hypocratical – to skip this. While a cat is personified and a squirrel is vilified in the third person – coming back to making any sense at all – Richard didn’t say that – Marco Rubio did.

What? yes he did. lol

So, there are reasons to use twitter and there are reasons – none of them listing alcoholic oat and barley soda – as a way to drink water. This theory is to drink beer after beer and drink several 16oz. glasses of water as well – completing an entire case of beer.

However – in affording comments like these he could have lived several lifetimes. Really? yes. really. He could have lifted all the glades for a total of four time(s). Instead , he was talking to the camera and taking pictures.

Venus – did you know – this embargo – a very bad one – a Florida – so close to a Mexico is simply better for “chingarlas” – and not any narrative that includes accusing pricks of being hypocrite(s). And yet to barrel your self across the internet for much less than

  1. playing loud music to yourself.
  2. grabbing and rubbing an artificial manx and drinking vinegar
  3. gangs of wild dogs

On this side of twitter – people speaking out of turn is in English – which is even worse. Where Men are inherently evil – and although incorporeal – so are birds. birds mumbling.

Reading or – listening to twitter(s) is not easy.

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