Pope voices –


“unquestionably wrong in implementing a government colonialist policy which resulted in devastation for children, families and communities.”

Were some of the voices related to – but not limited to – “survivor” reality television or the popular series “Naked and Afraid“.

Where the participants of the show, then office buildings on Ist North West Washington, DC have an important things to say about the Dragon that lives there. – Which when considered a punishment – and but where a Sea dragon can go back in time- its difficult to tell who’s manx it is –

However – not to confuse Pluto – with the Emperor – who is nothing short of – exemplary – who also enjoys Georgia peach pits – and vile cursing’s – Justin Trudeau looks a bit wonky.

So, It may take a while to sink in – but please grab the towel there – and make damn sure your son – doesn’t end up in a worse way

This kind of confusion continues:

“The United, Presbyterian and Anglican churches have apologized for their roles in the abuse, as has the Canadian government, which has offered compensation. ”

Where these positions are permanent – and strikingly similar –There is a way out./ Actually find my face.


These were just some of the petitions to the terrible dragon today:

“May the political and religious authorities continue to collaborate with determination to shed light on this sad affair and to commit humbly to a path of reconciliation and healing,″ Francis said.

Very interesting – very – demons are correct in saying:

Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished.

In other words – look there again – and again – and its great fun to put the fish inside of your head when you discover – that it is a dragon that speaks:

Trudeau said, “we’re still seeing resistance from the church, possibly from the church in Canada.”

So he obviously doesn’t know what is going on – Which is also a nearly excruciating thing to understand – my Grandmother. But stop right there – it doesn’t mean anything. lol Because the teacher could have told you that –

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