China Conspiracy


Nobody likes the central intelligence agency but you – and the National Security Advisor (NSA)[2][Note 1] is a senior aide in the Executive Office of the President, based at the West Wing of the White House. In other words – they dont know. Being color blind is more like it- while camouflage is still strange. In both world wars, artists were recruited as camouflage officers.

And this – K.T.+McFarlandthis is not a K.T.+McFarland conspiracy. Or so she says – So, while the coronavirus accidentally leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology gained increasing credence in recent weeks – neither did the casino there on google maps beside a picture of a man with no instructions on how to play any – of the games.

“You know, we may have investigations now into the origins, but do you think the Chinese are going to let us in that lab? Absolutely not,” McFarland said.

“Hatred” of then-President Donald Trump, is the voice of an estranged Los Angeles California – where she is no more honest than it falling into the Ocean or literally reading anything into Tommy Jones films today.

Maybe this was a dis-service to nearby Hollywood – or walking somewhere nearby the railroad tracks behind your tiny $400,000 dollar house. Either way the park is still open – or cooking with rocks and computers will reveal imposters.

Or make you sick.

In my lifetime – I have no more income than $120,000 – and its all gone. lol So, what is she saying? – Well common – What is she saying requires – two quartz crystals. We’ll go buy them. lol

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