Prince harry and Oprah


“That was the start of a learning journey for me,” he said. “I became aware that I’d been living in a bubble, within this family, within this institution, I was, sort of, almost trapped in a thought process or a mindset.”

Maybe he was – but would he sit there and read this document in its entirety with any certainty – not likely.

The document goes on to say that – the problem is God’s face – and while it sounds like something the cat told me once – and her asking how do we get out is something that I dont -know.

The problem is – that he does. More than once – and by its usual it is not a case for overexposure – or maybe he can take a picture of it – maybe he can show us what psychosis is – and God help you – boring reports about the complexity of his own updates that he may decide for himself.

While this never stops – children are screaming ladies are beautiful and even more pressing – are cylinders. What are they and how do you use them in a sentence. That simple. While it is this fa·ce·tious, there is no reason to be that simple. And now by his credit -it is only by an underwhelming imagination that – the corporation of the fact remains. – what do you want.

So – those are some very tough rules. But is doctor strange guiltY? What has he done? I can tell you with a straight face – what I did. But what is the big deal about drinking wiskey on rye –

Anyway – anyway – anyway – Arguably too much ozone. Boy he was committed. Some of the things I heard were directly related to this – take a bath – keep your headaches to yourself – and listen to when people are talking to you –

to. you/.

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