Egypt mummies


Social media users have questioned whether the myth of “the curse of the pharaohs” might be to blame. And it is.

Also called a cosmic ray – if you’re hit with one – it will make your empty head ring – like tinnitus. Though not talked about much, if you spend most of your life on the sea – it may come back to life.

So, all I want to see is you. Nobody likes a spoil sport. Anyway – Get the rain water – that is on top of the sea water and boil it – very spooky – but it comes back to life in a big fog. For example there are several places to remember – right now:

  1. cartons of newport 100’s
  2. padded rooms
  3. intercom speaker systems
  4. large museum displays.

Why? The transit passed over just a few moments ago but your head is – is empty? Because now I can see them:

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has done its best to make sure that the mummies have been stabilized, conserved, and are packed in a climate-controlled environment,” said Salima Ikram, professor of Egyptology.

Some things are too secret to let go – like why would he have built a gigantic pyramid to look through. This was extremely risky business. Fortunately I have one I made from looking through a pot that viewed a hotel.

A whole lot of priests should be upset there – having to burn out the lot of them with smoke – changing the darker colors of the room back to their original state:

They have already seen a lot of movement in Cairo and before that in Thebes, where they were moved from their own tombs to other sepulchres for safety,” Dr Ikram pointed out.

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