Facebook data junk


Have you ever used bitcoin -and how did you do it? Cash circulates – and you cant put it in the laundry – so where is it. Why is this story so big and what is it all about? It is a representational model of something – made by somebody that belongs to someone else. Sometimes billionaires say – have you made it yet?

A 30-year U.S. Treasury Bond is paying around a 1.25 percent coupon rate. That means the bond will pay $12.50 per year for every $1,000 in face value that you own.

$375 x $2,000,000 = $750,000

In 30 years – that is that.


The trick being to high or too low – there it is. Even if these strange people make friends:


Difficult to get the correct information isn’t it? Hell is hot:


Using image search you can understand quickly what its that they are attempting to accomplish by putting us out with laughing gas:

They become bloated – and well suited for a hawiian shirt. Nobody knows what happens after we die – but maybe you dont have to make the same mistakes – again.

I cant read any of that – yuck.

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