CDC director


What could cause this to go wrong – so late in the evening.

I dont know. We dont know. What about – she has merit and we will write about her instead. Very convincing.

It had happened to all the beautiful dresses in the 17th century – all at once. And If you didn’t care what time it was -and you dont – it is Not likely true that a virus is a picture from an electron microscope either. Its is a virus.

She is just not the CDC director complaining to you anymore. Is it?

Well, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, warning Monday of “impending doom” is not the first time people have warned of impending doom nor likely will it be ever – some say. And for about the same amount of time – is nothing but a stiff upper lip.

So, what else is ever possibly required? Jail? maybe so.

“We’re weeks away from a point where we can begin to do these things a bit more safely,” Jha said. “But I think states have just moved too fast”

Massive dolphin awards – maybe. The dolphin cant find its way back home – and picking up two dimes from the floor so far – life on the rocks is likely as troubling as where it all went.

Gov. Chris Sununu said he expects New Hampshire to endure a “spring surge.”

Not The CDC director says this:

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