Looking at the forbidden city is like chewing on Gecio cavemen – it was a very entertaining series – but it ended. Nobody knows. Fortunately for me, my official title is Smithsonian Researcher – so in other words you would have to call both the Secretary of state and the Major General of the army – to get out of court –

And because you cant very well proceed without your spouse or husband – there I am – a caveman exhibit – and the laughing stock.

You cant keep up its too damn funny – there is a man – living in his car – who – has-ant shaven and has spent a great number of hours investing in – Linux on an i386 – in run level 5 with no modules on a small piece of hardware designed to operate as a palm 5 device; you’ll have to synchronize it – but it works over ssh.

And say the singing birds – Thats’ just not my thing this morning – what are your the ducks doing? Better change it – which is worse:

This is a telling narrative -you get out of your car – that you got from someone else – and you turn into a cave man – and you have a horrible romper

nobody understands you – and eventually you dont make any sense at all. That’s fine – lets look at a picture of Hong Kong again – in 1960.

Is that enough? what do people do in China –

When asked if Beijing would take further action, Cui replied, “With the situation evolving, we will continue to do if necessary.”

In Japan – “coercion and aggression” eats crackers with an olive brochette. Making people more confused an angry – than say – some of these kinds of animals – and they dont know what to say about it. Other than:


This being the reason – and counting on intelligent beings from another planet – they had forget about our own planets – Venus and Mercury – the planets – culling seminars and other kinds of strange things to do with the awful machine on your desk in every single one of those buildings –

It doesn’t include the Jewish military state – just yet. And if you haven’t done so already – mint a coin and talk to it around the corner. Rather than – the computer.

This . is . what . they . are . attempting . to . answer .

How would you answer?

  1. Michael Jackson died from pain medication – but do we know why – people loved his music –
  2. Pets are evil – you could end up Taylor Swift.
  3. Wolves clamp their teeth around sheep necks to eventually kill them.

Thats all we know apart from actors needing a place to live. Or something outrageous like – Quintin Torentino’s list of not so acting actors.So I can see what – its just not with most people of the Universe. – Further you cant pay them enough. What?

Again it would be:

bow left. done.

bow right. done.

look to center. done.

There you are. – lol now dont get kicked from irc just yet – maybe they have something to say and they don’t – you do:

“The United States uses its military force and financial hegemony to carry out long arm jurisdiction and suppress other countries,” Yang said.

Whoa – Native Americans – do too and its worse than that. Directly from Wikipedia is this:

“Confederalism represents a main form of intergovernmentalism, which is defined as any form of interaction around states which takes place on the basis of sovereign independence or government.

So there is Korea there – remember real fast – real fast.

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