Nursing home


The men come to your door – And Say the greek – waiting for God:

“We need more transparency around where money is going — and to what extent it’s being invested into jobs and quality of care versus profits,” said Kezia Scales, director of policy research for PHI, a research and advocacy group for long-term care workers.

All kidding aside – they are coming to get him in every state of every nation. But not for the reason you would suspect – “What is the answer for our elders? This is a moment of opportunity,” said Schakowsky, the Illinois congresswoman. more than 170,000 long-term care residents and staff members – go the high mile every day –

Part of being an oriental running a ding joint is a strange story – and it ends with this – how could you be a caregiver – to your own elderly parent? Well, try to maneuver a Grocery Store scooter to another elderly person – is that the same person? – or are you missing something?

Nine out of Ten people would answer – yes. Not the mushroom kingdom indeed- they are respected – re-veered – a simple anecdotal would do – “No one is greater than I”

Robert Kramer, founder of Nexus Insights, a long-term care consulting firm says: “We are center stage, in the spotlight — whether we like it or not.”

So while he plans for not having the help of a Dragon – that demands using all the plastic bags – which had fallen out of place – you cant really pick them up any more yourself –

“They didn’t care,” and she contracted the corona virus in late December.

So, there is another antidote but not authored by Monique Collins who didn’t use all the bags – “Who are they” – they are neither the Mushroom kingdom or insurance regulations for automotive service bays; true. Anyone who would come close to answering this is none other than a psychopath – or your problem – not mine.

So along those same stiff lines – and if this is truly the end for Nursing homes; social distancing isn’t:

To practice social or physical distancing, stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arm lengths) from other people who are not from your household in both indoor and outdoor spaces. But your a smokr. –

Take a good long drag off that cigarette – and yes to include the inside of your head and parts of your body – as the tobacco Indian suggests; turning into a piece of wood – All the while thinking about who really does have dominion other than the nominee.

The gaylnd.

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