Pandemic proportion

pandemic proportion

There are rich people and then there is boredom. But this is Tesla and maybe other Tesla shorts should do the same – I have seen Elon Musk on all but few occasions – including the likeness of Bill Gates – who is a knight.

However, what everyone is talking about is why he works at Mcdonald’s on the weekend with no schedule. All the Elements point toward a cheap fix –


Maybe they had misunderstood his flagrant vile attitude – and that we could do better for ourselves; but while putting a hand on one of his shoulders – it didn’t get through to him easily – and the secretary of war has never been challenged by it. While rarely ever being right – there is a penny there – on the ground; from Tesla.

“what Elon did with Tesla is one of the greatest contributions to climate change anyone’s ever made”

This is a big change for the author of this article – while everything goes continually anywhere and everywhere but perpetually up – he had been goaded toward it – what will he say – what will he do.

If we knew the answer to this – I wouldn’t stand so close to the seagull vomit. – Both this from Bill Gates – and Tesla makes two ends; or wait one minute – you are talking about cars that are nearly $45,000 to own.


Maybe not. lol

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