Run down


Who is using the castle by winsorize – it’s not prince harry but prince William – so what is wrong with Prince William anyway?

Get ready to use your brain – hand your clams down – and after three children – there is another! We all know that life for these is terrible let alone impossible. For example – a transformer converts alternating current into direct current based on – a metal made from a certain kind of rock –

well –

There is a formula for this – and it doesn’t involve a crystal ball – there are photos of the two together but never apart – and everybody knows – no pictures please and further; those tables are reserved – if that doesn’t make you sick already – eat your peas –

“the royal is currently “really sad and genuinely shocked” by brother Prince Harry’s choice to be “insulting and disrespectful” toward grandmother Queen Elizabeth”

So skipping school and wondering where one of your friends is – is no longer a mystery to algebra II – while the guilty – stand just there in front of you – and his reserved table is asking his father politely – where he is – and all the while under wandering stars – there he roams. We don’t care; and he has another dirty cigarette.

Yes that is who you think it is – this is why – now – he got the wrong letter – and only a certain kind of rock knows – that low to the ground is another shocking mystery spent with only German seminarians –

“I know things are desperately sad and bad, but when the chips are down, those brothers will be there for each other.”

Family members were also reportedly “stunned” by the tone of Harry and Meghan’s reply to the Queen to say the least of any Madonna whatsoever.

Maybe running for Nike shoes has not yet crossed the line – ! Over and out.

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