Benedict what –


“I think of course it is all leading to the fact that if you free women of contraception, with a marriage to a priest even, you’re leading inevitably to the female priesthood or at least a part-female priesthood, which is a terrifying thought for most people who are in the higher echelons of the Church right now.”

Greasing the phone – getting on where the son of man in the flesh had lived in a double wide trailer; and for the moment, it wasn’t always the best idea to get anyone on. Why?

What about a plane flying over – so much for Milton Bradley – says the pope. And wait just one moment I don’t want to see you again – so why don’t you get the son of man back on the phone. – Hes a nothing more than a whistle theif. yes. yes. alright maybe today he is –

Her thoughts were shared by Martin Bashir, the BBC’s religion editor, who said Benedict had made a “strategically timed appeal to Pope Francis to refrain from changing the rules on celibacy”.

Makes sense – its the other part that doesn’t make sense to Martin Bashir or the son of man – and what a terrible audience is – “the higher echelons of the Church”

What female is to some is not to others; but generally it isn’t at all. I feel faint. These are just some of the problems that will run your hind end. today.

What about that one – the pope talking. Has that ever happened before? Just for a few minutes and seven hail mary’s later – contraception? lol Are they out of their minds? – so women are hard to answer for. and …

yes they are. He has an orange cowl and walks to most places. A promise kept. lol whatever.

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