Church Vandalism


What is your fascination with Vandalism – its dangerous. Its expensive. Its extortion. Its high school civil war – You wont believe what the answer is –

higher temperature sauce

They’re sick – right there in your school on Monday morning. They must have me confused with varmints – a helpful companion to any sick.

“Bomb Technicians and an Evidence Response Team are processing the scene which sustained damage. No injuries are reported,”  said CNN.

And where no injuries were reported – the vandals had intended more – damage to a Baptist church. These damages were particularly severe. Although it doesn’t seem to matter where – at all/. Down to the last cent.

The first clue is the label – and where IED is an acronym for improvised explosive device; it is associated with cross eyed military reports – from CNN. What is CNN – What is the same article doing on several different websites – its signage and what is also known as advanced notice:

“We realized that the windows were not smashed, that they had actually blown out from some type of explosion,”. true.

And its worse than that – I don’t really understand. Alright – And Beginning to understand this is difficult – its as difficult as not looking at what is going on underneath your eye lids – hoping they all turn black – or they are not as vivid as a television picture that you can walk through.

Matter of fact – this is so bad – a magazine about it appeared overnight next to Transworld skateboarding.

About what you ask – six different religions; just to give you an idea about how severe advanced notice is taken – it was and is the way. But they had a different idea to begin with – the dome of the rock.

Now lets say something awful – you are infantile and path-etic. Gross. That is to say you have- bad blood. And I can see the blood of the dragon on your thrift store purchases – so there is no harm in saying otherwise. Now let’s leave the doctors office. Alright dome of the rock –

That’s religion number two. But here is religion number three:

“We believe that homosexuality is a sin and an abomination which God punishes with the death penalty.”

Moving stones around is not really a religion – but you get the idea – its paganism they don’t like – but now for religion number four – demons – are messengers for different kinds of stones – what?

In yoga class – the woman had devised a way to escape with her eyes open – isn’t that what you wanted in religion number one? wow. Anyway religion number five – the shinto master:

El Monte is located about 16 miles east of Los Angeles and there are no words to describe how many times I have heard that I am from this place or the other – really.

So why did they put a bomb inside a church? Back to the twisted narrative I heard you talking about – religion number four – atheism. Looks like that was the only way to do that. Alright –

Religion number six – so how do you know all of that – I want to stay alive or I would be in Baptist church. meh.

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