Hey man -look Navalny



Russian woman are just a touch away from Spanish women – where ugly woman is an ugly woman – having seen it is another. The difference is that Navalny says you don’t have to jump – having studied the last rice ball in Japan. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said they were trying to turn on laughing gas:

“distract attention from the deep crisis of the liberal development model.” 

When even this is dangerous – it doesn’t stop his dangerous behavior either. This is not negotiable. This is not a power play – what is it?

“that person” and, more recently, “the Berlin patient.”

Maybe Russia simply enjoys modern day convenience – and they will never progress toward any “the berlin patient” which was certainly not the case of the United States – and where they had simply thrown all the tea with King George’s stamps in to Boston harbor along with King George; poor Richard has an awful bill.

Who knows; they may not have done anything at all – and having not been the character of King George at all – they continue to march the hill again to safety. Marching a hill is no easy business – we know that this business is impractical – and to merely say – to walk up a hill is difficult it is not nearly the half. They are dumbfounded – why?

“There’s less downside to stupidity than to betrayal or failure to go all the way,”

yes. This was a way to drag the roman military children – and no it isn’t – what a thought- we don’t like the way this man thinks– but what about hewey luis and the news. One of the lyrics is in fact one of our own problems:

“I’ve got to leave – and never believe – that this is it”

maybe. I don’t believe I was thinking and now that I’m 40 I haven’t been drinking. lol

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