Giuliani – what are you doing with the rest of your life


What happed to this exchange – the exchange of words between one of the most famous persons in History is related to you.

“Maybe because I’m more of a criminal lawyer than a civil lawyer, I’d much rather have my civil life complicated than my criminal life.”

Professor Donald Hitchcock have something- but nobody knows what Mr. Guliani had in mind when he also said – he said something we all think is true.

“Do I think there’s justification for it because of the atmosphere we are in? Practical justification? Absolutely.”

An illegal impeachment would mean exactly that. period. Unfortunately, I don’t really know anything about the movie ET – except to say – Good. Bad. But would you agree that attending school is a waste of time? Can you have Sleepy Hollow School and a Union position at the same time? What about the military.

The election saw a record number of ballots cast early and by mail due to the ongoing pandemic.

So there once was man who went on a journey – and all things considered – I am going to my fathers. Would I say that I was assaulted by hamsters? not hardly. I was in a good atmosphere – but where are we – is anything I have to say practical when facing all of those spears. Maybe. yes.

Looking up I had noticed something – those people were a little taller than usual. Nobody wanted to take account of the Medusa and further no one wanted to do the work of two people.But I never said anything that killed somebody – likeyou can lead a horse to water”

yes. yes you can. yikes

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