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Have you ever seen a march or protest?

Well, the answer was morose; do you have a license – the riots reported after extreme boredom and wearing hot-pants got out of control, were a scene. The scene was in very serious trouble.

All of those eyes concentrating so hard on – and hard on what. Although I am confused about what they were protesting about – and by having signed autocrats on nearly every irc channel on the internet – it did nothing for me.

Banned once – and you would understand. You are in non-compliance of some sort of international protocol – and having been an international authority; you had failed. You didn’t believe in affordable automobiles – or inexpensive farm equipment. – and you definitely don’t believe in respect. It much easier to believe that the sum was greater than its parts – on the seat of my pants.

I’m satisfied. Imaginary people are satisfied and effeminately, nobody likes this. There is nothing to wear. So,wear the president. Thats too hard – this sort of thing is not then out of control at all. Make it worse than that – who is the president? well wear a mask – your time has expired and taking pot shots at your neck is now the job of Mercury. Not you. Possibly ever.

Maybe, and this murder was easier than you think – the article goes on to say – that – that is the president. that –

“For awhile, in early March and April, I was super poor,” he said.

There is nothing to do in Washington, DC but research Linux ip – masquerade and walk to buy instant noodles – which are also $1. One dollar. That is all this person walking the city streets has to go on beside a leather trench coat and a terrible water bill –

There it is – pay it – says the man at the pizza shop ~ and the black streaks run out of his windows – and beside the door there – is a reminder about how terrible and freezing cold the front door locks really are –

“Do you think I’m going to go to federal prison?” Fellows asked. “I was told federal prison is not fun.”

There was a reason for them – federal prisons, and stones – but not what I had suspected at all – they will never stop doing their job – and what a strange way to think – think about why they don’t make women’s shoes in size 12. I applied to nearly every job in Georgetown but that one.


I don’t really know what had caused this to be the problem for untrained people. Alright.


Women’s shoes is not an answer – for affordable automobiles – or inexpensive farm equipment or respect – granted that; that you are now, walking out of the door of the pizza shop – and you are never to be heard from again – having the best pizza in the world. lol

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