Denied care


And that’s not all – what exactly was protocol for talking to crazy people?

You will likely never see the sun again – I am too busy for my shorts – you wont see the end for another two weeks – wearing a helmet in public; and that being just some of the rationale set beside any normal body of persons; they are denied care – mostly because their behavior is dangerous – that is – people with intellectual disabilities.

Some people with intellectual disabilities commit terrible crimes – and they are locked away for life – others damned. But its not at all bad – the coffee is great –

“The providers, as far as I can tell, have been given no clear signal that what they did was wrong and should not occur again,” she wrote. “A strong, pointed statement about the rights of elderly and disabled people is desperately needed at this time.”

People -and but not nearly flash in a pan – need time to hear themselves think – but the story becomes even more demented than this –

The Oregon Health Authority “received a complaint in April 2020 related to patients’ rights,” a spokesperson told NPR. But it concluded “that we would not be able to investigate.”

So, Mrs. Fox has more time to drag them away –

“The health authority confirmed that, in fact, that was a coerced do-not-intubate order, that they confirmed it happened … but there was no sanction. So there was no remedy.”

The state records that NPR obtained show other people with disabilities were denied coronavirus tests or treatment when they showed up at hospitals with symptoms.

Huh? My cuff-links are not good enough – tdamn me to hell – who in the world is this? over the years – it was-ant good enough – have a drink – make desserts for the coffee – ~

“medical systems were deciding on reserving resources for nondisabled people that the system valued more, in case they ran out of resources later.”

Some people are not as compassionate these days – when its really as simple as putting on mascara – why is there a line to buy it? What am I doing there today? Some more questions – I can answer –

There was a retarded woman – who lived inside a house – and she came out of the house at the most peculiar times – never to be seen again. I don’t know what happened to her – but there she is again.

And while the soccer league has-ant quit Tennessee and Pennsylvania agreed to quit letting doctors use “quality of life”


So, keep off the grass. There are two ends to this story. Unless you need – the coffee.

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