Bitter pills


Does any one know what is really going on? Is there an angry pine in your future –

Maybe – Its a great gag – and its damn funny – damn funny – anyway but is it rolling? I don’t know, so what about your luggage – have you checked your luggage recently – no. Hmm. It took an extraordinarily long time to understand; I haven’t shut my mouth; and I know who that may be there – but I like guinea pigs.

News is disappointing – They have confirmed that the pope is dead, I am walking towards doom – and – I want to buy a hamster. Relinquishing anything else requires nothing less than $1,200.

“The number of increase in cases and deaths in Mexico is very worrisome,” WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Monday, according to Reuters. “This shows Mexico is in bad shape.” The WHO confirmed more than 11,000 new cases of the novel coronavirus on Dec. 3.

High School was in bad shape – let me tell you – follow the black spots there and I’m leaving with Steven Atwell – and as I have told him many times over – there is no other way – he doesn’t seem to understand


The next subject – cats don’t like water – you reach an impasse – we had defeated the Japanese but- we cannot continue – Unless you are – an alien.

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