How to use rent search


Google com knows how to do business – but does it know how difficult it is to switch ideas – the idea that – If I were to know what this is – and what to do once I know it – I would be ahead.

However many more times – this is not availed at all. Or much more. well, google has a interesting way.

Street view. So yes it was worth looking up 19,000 entries of coordinates.

  1. Look at the last state somebody was looking at
  2. Find the state you are in
  3. Click on the state abbreviation (I will be sure to look at it later)

zoom – in – and find anything worth the displayed rents besides home – which some people haven’t found just yet – I’m not sure about building it myself, but – anyway

  1. Click on the blue pin

There you find the street address and phone number link in blue. In bold are the street view coordinates.

  1. If the rent you want isn’t found – look for the housing authority strange name

All of the housing authorities are also updated by google. –

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