What a let down



What in the world is this article – well – it is firstly a high school writing class, which lead to college composition I – and for which is a D. D meaning the letter grade – that I got – for completing the class.

“Sadly, I have to support that,” Strickland replied. 

Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, obviously cannot prove that zee is gay. Steven showers. But that doesn’t mean he is evangelical or knows anything about too much Linda – or he is gay. Is he gay?

The article goes on to say that – we don’t understand what you had implied – Is Steven – Steven actually gay? We don’t know – rolling on – is he gay in the basement – ahem – there are far worse concerns. Embarrassing concern for handing out a bowl, or beside cursing about it – saying that you are in fact “rolling”

Maybe we could understand more later – at the top a attic in the city. While drunk people roar and laugh escaping the chains of hundreds of years -that was that – him – and with no burnt offering – Show us belzelbubShow us the fatherStop your cur-sings – stop your ideograms and finally just hand the bowl to me. no friends – that’s him – stop.

I still haven’t figured out how to make a dime. hah/

Anyway. My father is worse. Follow close but not that close – and little did I know the cancer he is talks about often is Catholicism. Well, I will it anyhow. This was-ant good at bass pro-shops much. Further steal more says my uncle – woooo. There is life elsewhere says the bishop. –

“deep state,” “confusing and very dangerous.” – you missed your face there – hold that says the deep state – he is a bishop you know. –

The planet Venus is mysterious – and she doesn’t storm in out of a raging, hulking, behemoth – she is not your girlfriend – or your wife. She is a servant of a terrible evil – Jupiter.

Venus solely being the cause of a polio pandemic – we still don’t know who zee is – we don’t know who mercury is for that matter – which requires your what?

they don’t know – but know this –

“We were relying on the papacy to be this beacon of clarity and stability, and it just doesn’t feel clear and stable anymore,” Kellet said to Strickland during a webinar on “Forming the Catholic Conscience in a World of Confusion,” sponsored by the multimedia organization Catholic Answers.

Drugs are involved – terrible doctors are involved – and none of it involves walking for miles – just there – to be captured by the Canadian Mounted police or the sheriff. I’m sorry ncr everything you just said has been erased and I don’t have any legs – to go to the end of the earth –

Anyway –

Strickland was especially critical of the current German “synodal path,” in which the church has vowed “Ultimately, it’s just documented fact that there is a deep state in the United States,”

I couldn’t help myself either – the army wont let you in – and furthermore they are undisciplined to complete the terrible circuit they – described – because it exists in that – there – there is nothing other than a monstrous airport. no work – no.

Venus is found there – and “It just is not living the truth,” he said.  Catholicism is difficult – and although they would rather stay above ground – yikes – “They probably never even read my letter”

“same-sex marriage is fine, the gender issues are fine, all the agenda of LGBT are fine.” 

Its not really that fine says the deep state – read backward – this is mercury -and what it be-lives to be the corona-virus. lol

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