Lets decrypt


Finally, there is a way to concentrate hard enough to understand Let’s Encrypt – Free SSL/TLS Certificates. But never-mind altogether – you could say that that they are joining the borg syndicate –

A syndicate is an evil way to do business – and the certificates are free – and not for seven of nine – or totalbeverage.com. Either way the Japanese prime minister had resigned because of it. –

How do we collect the pots from the beer freezer – george III doesn’t do numbers anyhow?

apt-get install certbot

ps aux | grep apache

ps aux | grep apache

Stop the apache service that is running on port 80:

kill -TERM 934875

Its better to use the automated process because I cant concentrate hard enough to hold the Universe responsible let alone discover that there is some sort of other problem when there is on the screen – deceptive.

certbot certonly –standalone

certbot certonly –standalone

Well, fancy that it worked – which was doubtful. I need a certificate for both www.weedbox.net and weedbox.net with commas: weedbox.net,www.weedbox.net

There is a dns problem

certbot wont take an @ symbol will it –

@ symbol

To correct this – delete this type of configuration – the one that you had purchased from – the domain name reseller – ha. ha.

add the a name for www

I dont think so. – Anyhow – we are in business when they aren’t – tricky.

cd /etc/letsencrypt/live/

there are the new certificates –

That did it – all by its self – exactly what we needed – and nothing more.

cd /etc/letsencrypt/live/weedbox.net-0001

The ones we want are the key which is privkey.pem and cert.pem

cp privkey.pem /root/certs/weedbox.key
chmod 600 /root/certs/weedbox.key
cp cert.pem /root/certs/callwaiting.crt
chmod 600 /root/certs/callwaiting.crt

service apache2 restart

So it took all that time to figure out that your head is inflated into ox tail soup. Maybe not.

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