This is the end. This is the end – my only friend – the end. true. wow – some may say that treading water to reach some end is better than a lie – or some remain confused. Misunderstood or whichever – a dragon or no dragon – there is one very ancient answer I have forgotten – obviously.

So after the yard sales, between Capricorn and Jupiter – is is — a tree. Ask what happens to pruning the tree – Ask what happens to the kinfe ??

Sorry, jamacia may have its own, but what was said had been altogether true or not true depending on – mercury retrograde or not.


Pam Gregory has the answers today – oh boy it is a big one. A shiny apple. And while the trees decide what they want to drink, today instead; there is no knife – and there is no tree of life.

Anyway – I say her British accent while stepping into the water but not getting wet – and very often – as she will tell – I hope I make sense in doing because she had just rather say my name – after dropping the magic stick –

Which was very hot – a way of not fishing – for a fish – is to fish for her! The trees made the sound – which was-ant very far – onto the television screen.

Oh – so use the knife carefully – because not everyone can feed the neighborhood with a magic stick.

Or just this – as plutonians they often do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zsf38NYzo5Q

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