California wildfire activity


There is one route from the East of San Francisco and another that travels the length of two foothills to Los Angeles and back again across the Desert to Las Vegas –

But there is also a route that people may have not seen – computer models of actual wildfires –

The incident reports and although broad cannot predict when any wildfire will occur but there also other websites which when enabled – can order lighting detection stations – and actually try to help aid the website – the website – which is even worse for ham radio operators – is this – the price.

what is it – you may want to think twice about accepting gifts but if you are absolutely not how –

This is the most accurate model of any “website” granted you sing for your supper anyhow – the MODIS system – is comprised of a single image render – a JPG which represents data.

So given that the image – among-st others – is a representational model – and has no functionality whatsoever what does it do? This –

It creates a Universe and in this universe is – what – a museum.

What is in the museum – a dragon – an exhibit of two giant Japanese monsters – or a life size version of George the third and his leviathan –

Likely –

In the middle is the time – and the idea of time travel – and what time is it – the only way to tell time is to grab the freezer door as hard as you can and listen very hard – for the leviathan –

Go inside of the siren – its frozen – which is a very loud or very soft sound – it is much louder than a Leviathan./ The Sun.

The sun is a great way to tell time – and although the planets – in particular Saturnhas a great way of showing you – past the statues of two giant Japanese monsters – to your sins -and if you want to believe them – there they are – getting in the way –

But which way is which –

stone carin

Obviously there is only one way to balance the stones – or forgive your sins – but honestly – there is another way – even further are the constellations –

And farther than that is this – I want a drink – Im a tree and I want a drink – and ummm – along those same lines is a burning landscape which only has one well – belonging to Jupiter

Where is Pluto – I dont know he – he was there a moment ago – good then lets watch – Spartacus – lol Look at him there a great bunch of lads – trees.

So if the trees are alive then where are the branches – guess/.

They have alot to say – which is the latitude -and the longitude – well hes over there –

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