Brale fasination


Can you read brale? What about typing out the confluence between prince Charles himself ! – wow. Now you can – Let’s try, then cook some bacon – it will be straight. Now standing from the top of Waccamaw:

One’s guide to Great Britishness is OUT NOW. Do your duty, for Future King and Courtry..

It reads, what a wonderful day it is, and by another was the husbandry of Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex. I think this may be a better version of the upset in integrity having to do with the entirety of the Earl of Wessex and a skirt. Fabricated entirely by himself, I don’t know; so don’t ask. The book literally having no time to reply to its self – is yet in a language that everyone can quickly understand.

“Looking into the rumour the forecast rain is being delivered by Hermes.:

This reads, having plenty of liquors, brown sauce and vinegar was no problem by the differences in opinions we all have, given that there will be no queens pudding or anything else for that matter – please eat something – there are plenty of other styles of clothing to wear other than your sleep shirt that you claim to fame so well –

Boris Johnson had to make an important choice between saving lives or saving the economy, and he decided to go on a two week holiday.

The mystery behind the court record is that I had never worn a wig, and a bag to match the stillness of a silent room. And while this, my hope – we all get some much needed rest. Though it is not nearly popular, quickly please – hurry I may do so myself. – My God.

“Worst episode of CBeebies Bedtime Stories ever, Camilla much perfers Tom Hardy.

What is wrong with your vyinl flooring – you know who you are – and its utterly revolting how you can get away with both things at the same time – vinyl is not a discussion to have about sleeping so deeply you have multiple exchanges of Jamiroquai – clearly. And has nothing to do with spanish royalty. lol

Dinucuc Cummins on the phone Says he’s “running late to the press conference trying to sort childcare”

end with this tweet – all of them deserve some merit – but no merit was lost or gained in typing them out – so no begging for answers twitter. is it exciting – being as lonely as we are? no. what is instagram? lol

how to read prince charles tweet burgers
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