Duke vs. the devil



“That would have left a scar on him, it was certainly having an effect on him. He wants to protect her so he effectively invokes the law, there’s a European Court of Human Rights law saying everybody has a right to privacy.”

“And he invoked that on Kate’s behalf.”

Another expensive – and ludicrous rant about EU-law makes the most sense but is it hypocritical? no. Today, a law – a human rights law – which could be better known by vivacious gloves and hand in one of them – A cigarette between the the index finger and the middle rests there – and worth more than what suits you – is Prince Wiliam.

My pleasure is simply that at the very least they have that right, and this time Kate Middleton – the terrible lot often misled and now tending to the sick – covid-19 is no judge. But there is the judge – What now? – pleasure.

An interesting question to keep your own happiness is why be interested in any following remarks –

“I remember she was photographed on a London bus going down the King’s Road.

“To me, it’s a historic photo. It’s a photo of probably someone who is going to be our Queen in the future, sitting downstairs on a London bus.

“Palace didn’t like it.”

Have you heard they don’t like anything in particular – yet here are the demands – once more from a deserted ugly place that delivers a London bus. But I don’t have a London bus – the bus never has a schedule anyhow. That is enough to scare the pants off any passenger – and even more:

“On instructions from William, who had discussed the matter with Kate and her father, a legal letter to newspaper editors was issued requesting that details of Kate’s private life remain private.”

wow. Leave it to the experts. That is truly an expert, – wow and one more person in control of Kate’s private life – is a wanderer but what if there were no expert at all? None for the slate in your backyard marking the location of the bus stop for a vagabond – I had spent to much time there to realize it was killing me. – But enough about me – lets go home.

EU privacy laws and photographing other people – dont do it. Do not – and I repeat – offend someone you dont mean to offend – what do you expect to see in the first place? Its not EU privacy laws – and should you be more friendly when the priest says – “Let us offer a sign of peace”

yes. yes you may want to – because they will invoke it themselves ! wanderers – though… mmm

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