And so on


“And happy Salamanca Day All Rifleman, whether serving or retired would like to thank you for 67 years of continuous service, support and leadership to the Rifles and to our forming and antecedent regiments”

So I thought I would ring my bell. Or ring all of the dinerware in your china cabenet; but there – is prince phillip – the see all end all – and what do we do. nothing. The man so hard to see the swiss guard is likely involved – but I don’t know much about that – people engaged with a dragon usually loose.

So, I can say without a doubt in my mind – there he is – and all the while cemetery stones hitting me in the head – step back – “the Riles and their forming antecedent regiments” get higher and higher.

This deserves an explanation – how well can you fabricate an africate – nefarious and extremely difficult – with the rifles. Alright –

And the celebration continues – while this sun rises to another day – there is a couch – on a reservation – a red one that never saw – or heard how easy it is to get out – but it keeps all of your change – according to Gordon’s gin – and captured forever the cast can be used again and again – which was collected from a pot empathetic to the United States. In addition to the delicious smell that will literally put your nose to rest – count all of your fingers. There – where the cats fish ~ pick up a penny from the ground – lol

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