wessex air ambulance

The most difficult song in the world


Its no secret that two matching colors wont sell a house, but I’ll buy it. Of course there is Pantera. Cue to the end and she would have it – Victoria I

This is so Immeasurably terse it is well suited for a swamp monster – but not just any swamp monster with a pulse. Her fate is literally so awful – it is worse than acting class.

I know what you are thinking – how am I going to buy it if I don’t have £1million. Thats probably where I should quit – I do have some pennies – and fancy coins – but nothing at home. And all of this after learning that she had said to her daughter – “I wont force you to go to university”.

Laughable or which ever – I wouldn’t wish it anyone – and over there – the pope at his University – and I have failed –

Someone had asked – where would you like to college anyhow – where ? – as if it didn’t matter to Wessex, and who, I would imagine faced a terrible judgement. She was – truely given everything.

There is one problem – and unless this author attempts to skip over it – “Outside, the home also has its own private stables.”

Sure – we may see the countess of Wessex – but when it is time to go – it is time to go. – But that’s easy – the way to control the world is that simple? The color that the demon leaves behind – having not entered – can be seen – by you entering – Hold the icon there –

Match yours with the color that it left. ALL DAY LONG

Now, Put yours inside the hole that it left – roar –

That way we get away with murder and red hair – Isnt that how you deal with the dragon? Arent you playing golf countess – that dragon is pretty old – I don’t know I am reading the news. When you don’t know – you really dont know.

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