Who mismanagment


While $400 million dollars is nothing to spit at – mismanagement of a coronavirus pandemec is not any easy thing to investigate. What is in the minds of people who – bleiving in all sincerity; and having
trusted the government, ate a moon made of swiss cheese.

I really dont want to know what is inside the doors of the “who”
There is no more time for your prayers – And this idea is not far behind the mind of a five year old who was late for his own funeral. While I will never change my mind, some people mysteriously – and willingly know otherwise. A facinating challenge that is left for only experts on the subject.

Terse as it may sound – and for too many of those experts – even worse than holding a pen, caclulated risk; mitigated doelfully, a mismnaged pandemic! While misspelled words are not the issue at all, having been told its only a pizza is not the half; Putting the word out – is.

Anyway, without a cause for reason; when there
is none is very popular; and not popular in so much that continuing this way dispite many warnings and misunderstandings about alcholism and
drug abuse is another – a stolen essesence – from an 18 gauge needle collecting plasma. This left me very very confused and ill. Some remain this way – and it is very unpleasant to begin to examine. Your cousin has a very bad caterach and is going in for eye surgery.

What is the issue – “The united states seeks to refocus the WHO on fufilling its core missions of preparedness, response and stakeholder coordination” while blood letting is the answer for some – loosing your
rest is another. Finally, I caught cold – and having a fever – I was sick to my stomach. About the whole thing. And but Everything, I needed rest. There is no more rest! huh?

Thats about all. Is there a way to mititgate this entire 40 years of bungling with mr. terryman? Your eyes are cross and your feet are tied – by a snake! – A fantastic sight and like no other – is “burned into the retna”

Why be evil – an evil thought like this is nearly the reason – its an empty pot amongst the damned -yours – everything good that you feel good about – Your life sick with corona virus ~ oh well. While
this is the immediate cure – its not a depth of field – and all the others are litterally a slap on the wrist. Why continue this way – is there no hope for anyone at all –

Yes. – The same reason you found 40 years ago:

“The united states is also calling for reforms to promote transparencyand data sharing, hold member states accountable for a biding by the international …”

Rules and regulations – various medications – feel cold yet? While there
are other ways to deal with this – its not easily solved – have a salt
bath with the mountian in the way there – yoga, regular excersize, eating
ritght, and not to be funny – nudism. Being funny means this – this
is so painful there is no other way to deal with it but to suck air through
bishop pricks – eat your hand one reason after the other until – what?

They dont know. I think the lord said it well, Its not what you think – its really not. What if you voted him out of resentment – and turned to the french? who knows.

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