Corona Virus phantom


It is one thing to strike – something famous that neptune has done – with a very big trident – and a net – something Jesus would say – but its true. What are you anyway- everyone knows that to risk spreading – a virus by now – has consequence – a small depression in the ground – leading the charge against the moon. But against the mountian – is another – very large rock – something animals know to avoid -dark spots show what the deed is – and with all get out –

How do you strike against another world – you would have to leave this one first and start the charge against the next hill – something that everyone knows is difficult and arduous as realizing the corona virus –

What is the corona virus –

Ask the sun to come down to the trench created by neptune – was one of the first ideas that did not go over well while reading about the first known effects – similar to an eclipse – the dreary eclipse – can create some of the most myserious visors or spell the end to just about every activity on this – side of the mountain –

There is my video about the study in its entirety – that being an ancient hunt –

the first partbbb

If you had any faith – and it is as simple as having it – a mustard seed is not the same as going home – so go home – lol anyway this may very difficult to understand if you have never had one – or care to have one being the likely tale –

So why bring the corona to the ground – and rather simply because a beach is named a beach for obvious reasons – send the thunder back to outer-space during a storm – that thunder is really not the same thing – at all- never the less cast the net of neptune – the thunder of a thunder storm -there a very ambicious particpant is waiting – the lack of outer-space – what ever that may me – it is more than likely true on hundreds of trillions of planets – or a good cheesecake – created by neptunes trident – which is also called a fence – when fence work is not so funny – I just had to find out what building a fence is all about – espcially when beaches are involved – wow.

So there would appear to be the tang in tango – strike. strike again. and strike once more – you have reached the place of the elder bugbear – a vicious – pernicuous vandal – but lets not think about that much any more – this is not taken lightly – it would singe the nosehairs of Gary Gygax himself – we need a visor created by the corona – to do what – why dont you ask them – they werent there when you called them while they were living there on the beach –

Pour out a can of salt ontop of the fence post when you have collected the pot – stir the salt with the new icon – wait for the corona to reach the ground – it is imistakable – now wait for the snake –

Try to ride the snake – ride the snake to the lady – the ancient lady – the snake is long seven miles – ride the snake – its jim – anyway – it is jim – I was messing around all day long – collecting pots and writing them down – I may try to paint one of them – but the point is this – collect the pots at night durning the full moon – with the corona snake – they – are – all – the -same – I see you. Hai pee wee – its better than dollar chicken – now the pattern of the pots is thus – the moon. And now you are able to sleep through the corona virus – that is if you put the first pot collected with the corona snake over the moon – you wake feeling strange about neptune – but no problem disturbing – the snake .

Here are some tips about how to avoid getting sick with corona virus –

  1. dont eat food you know will be difficult to eat – like romen noodles
  2. dont smell – if you smell – and you didnt shower – its very simple what happens if you dont know why you should deal with it.
  3. Drink coca colas – or anything to stop the influenza before it reaches your cockrels –
  4. If you know what pots are – then grab the handrail and use it as a stomach instead – dont eat what happened today – avoid asprin – try a parmesan cheese ~ and finnally – watch out ! bb
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