Twitter angst


The new application called twitter – is a surprise in can – but not as famous as Chef Boyardee. Nobody knows what really happened gathering the cursive symbols known as hashtags – into pizza dough – and high temperature sauce in a box but it could happen.

The channel open – is a very bad start – it scrolls and scrolls – idiocy and lunacy and – the unknown? Whatever it takes a typist to type – is critical and all to often you could type some of Donald trumps tweets to send messages to yourself at the public library after everything else is exhausted –

What is the story about? – There are several opinions kept by different people – some are fascinating and others fit different categories – the confusing part is when someone attempts to summarize someone else into complete automation –

Given that you know him or her – for more than ten years of it – does no justice to your reply – given that depending on the city you are in will justify any reply to San Francisco.


Lets try some trump tweets:

“And this depite Fake Witch Hunts, the Muller Scam, the Impeachment Hoax etc. With our Economy, Jobs, Military, Vets, 2A & more, I would be at 70% Oh well, what can you do?”

The first few sentences say thus:

Although I have been slighted by these terrible mechanics – it does nothing for mechanizing a very serious problem – the correct abbreviated addresses of this register – responsible for not only %70 of all ssl certificates in existence – something which I lothe – is not known by popularity or any guarantee of absence. please reply to Economy, Jobs, Military, Vets, 2A with the strictest confidence.

What do you do to read into being a resident of Neptune when you are calling Mars – and a rat runs ac-cross the floor.

I don’t really know – go back to San Francisco and order the least expensive item on the menu? – Mussels w/linguini in a light sauce please.

But what happens when – “suggestions from outside groups that the Attorney General has fallen short of the responsibilities of his office are unfounded.”

Are typewriter mechanics? lol

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