Dramatic hospital video



Well – as you may already know – Video tapes don’t lie. – But there is somebody else that is even least likely to lie about – dramatic hospital video – that’s right – a hospital video camera captured the malicious intent of a police officer – which probably the highest order of business you could have -in North Carolina besides false currency or laundering monies.

~ you could go – but you would miss Georgia – infamous for terrible dark tinted vesicles – you may not have any geneva stamps left. “They did the worst; they made it worse,” Long said.

And they may have – “I jumped in the middle,” said his mother, “because the guard was getting ready to tase him, and I was telling him, ‘No, don’t tase him!'”

The trouble with a hospital is what it contains – medicaid or medicare. Or the terrible idea that there is no help anywhere at all for this – ever. It grows and grows and where the terrible fear of any Hayden going to juvenile detention – for eight days – is serving 10 days for a thirty day sentence.

Was it a felony sentence? Juvenile detention is the opposite – your never leaving there unless the fundamental becomes rudimentary. Or the alternative – hospitals contain very sick people and they are more likely to leave there and return the next day. After juvenile detention you are even more likely to encounter felons with no jobs at all. –

Investigating the issue further requires -and where enormous concern is a danger to self or others – a doctor. Where is a doctor that could possibly remedy anything that occurred there in North Carolina – let alone a hospital?

But they are at a very large school in the woods – in a county with no name – and the students names are more likely to be more disturbing than “the rest” what will you do –

Nothing is more disturbing than the bishop of Arlington accused of Sexual Abuse.

For example, how about this caustic sentence:

“I never pillaged you, Repton,” “Not without cause, I imagine” why are these sayings the challenges of the mentally ill –

Why does a beautiful girl get off saying them – leaving the health and human services building with a very expensive pair of sunglasses and a heavy heart. – very much nearly impossible to repair herself –

You could give it a try – but it is very very expensive.

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