Corona Virus Cure


There is a corona virus cure – what makes people sick or ill for a few moments adds up somewhere – and its not the planet Mercury – Where Acid re-flux disease does a lasting damage – its not uncommon.

What could you possibly put in a pill to avoid seeing this horror on a massive scale? – A pile of Iodized Salt and a burning chamomile. – ready for any thing you had in mind for the Corona Virus -and it really really smells strange –

And although this is better for covering the furniture because of flatulent guests – so is the television. Even still I don’t get it – why did you do that Mercury -? your crazy for it. – right?

Chamber-land is skeksis – Did you know that it took all my strength to say that? for the whole of three minutes and fifty seconds no.

Anyway – no longer – its more likely that Chamber-land has the flu. what -? you mean – yes.

Where is the evidence of Acid re-flux disease other than the smell of vomit – after a massive beer party – we don’t know but somebody does – So – therein lies a problem. Sorry –

So Wu-han made an herbal medicine, dubbed “Pneumonia Formula 1,” across 30 hospitals. And if you moved – the hangover would be horrendous – for no reason at all –

But as it stands – No, no sir that is the reason –

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