The genius of Colbert


0:00 – 1:46

“Well welcome I’m your host Steven Colbert – The 2020 election – Everybody is excited – You know why john Its because the 2020 election is finally under way – “

It may be but can anyone explain Colbert with any reasonable confidence – assuming the 2020 election can? At 1:26 he coyly explains coin artistry – and its relevancy – in so much as the latest mint – is Neptune.

He goes on to say that New Hampshire is largely controlled by the State Police – and did not have the elementary electorates necessary to complete any circuit but the current 2020 election – beside its extremely terse and caustic congress of five – residents.

This brings him to more objective foresight beside a terrible penitential epiphany – It is a reprisal – of five – which no one person knew but himself including any five residents that he knew of – saying that its defamatory – where top investigators find some if any comfort in the state of South Carolina – is also where many thefts and terrible murders took place – had the clear advantage over the reprisal –

This was not left without any clear and present danger – And a warning by the President himself – such that mumbling at this venue – does nothing but injustice when the truth was told –

“That was really late on that”

Saying again – this does not come without consequence – as the insurance bearers are not far behind with extraordinary tax burdens. Not including the consequences of a decadent 1960’s, these consequential issues are in the extreme -have an endless source of income but make little to do

No they don’t explains any Donald trump – ending a bitter war – “She is my Daughter” He then humbly explains that a Mexico had no way of knowing how to saying that “these are all serious”

In so much that may also be true it is no easy complication – it is a “miscarriage of Justice” – to be delivered by any papal authority solely on principal – of a Mexico – What does this say of any ministry of health and human services however is – exemplary – but not any easy-er – is:

“Plod turd man”

While a friendly reprisal easily wants that on a red hat –

“I didn’t make any special requests”

How being goaded by none other than his own – is Colbert. Colbert goes on to say that there is nothing of the sort – by where an end does not justify any means for a miscarriage of Justice – or any vicious terse vending of sodas to the audience – the president saying:

“Your right”

Colbert usually is – but why is this the news – A new Hampshire with the mind of its own is not new – and to boot what a political battle it really is to be a plod turd man –

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