Madonna – ?


I think that everyone was excited to hear about Madonna as I was – but it didn’t necessarily include a feather in anyone’s hat. –

Fuck you motherfuckers! Censorship, censorship, motherfuckers censorship.” If that doesn’t open her next album, I’ll eat my eyepatch.

Why would anyone be interested in protesting – or to hear an otherwise nefarious – idea like that – Madonna ran over the theatre’s curfew by a few minutes, so the venue turned on the lights

That would probably be why – and then there is the terrible news – someone already told her as much. – She didn’t hear having been told – caustically.

Really because it’s that caustic – says the author – having not been responsible for lowering any curtain for anyone else – but wandering around – there. Did I bother to hear the other part? yes – well really Madonna is fantastic – But why K-mart again?

Nobody knows – your second rate – schmoozed – matter of fact rip off those security tags – like nobody’s business – and there is a truth that she can’t get away from – that is all K-mart – the end –

Which is usually true – but not this time – Madonna what are you saying either way? – no. no. no. How ever she can get up and sing in front of that many people and walk away – beyond anything I can think about that makes any sense – is thatshe does her shows in other countries –

So while you profess her oath to yourself – nobody is getting in. ? Its sometimes an absurdity – to even mention – but she keeps comming – get it?

no. –

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