German ppl


I have – a difficult thing to understand for most Germans – though all to familiar – for any mint – is this:

“Her departure … will leave a big void [and] is likely to fundamentally deeply destabilize the German political system,” he said.

He being terrible – also says this of Angela Merkel although he has-ant said anything lately – he being elsewhere at the moment –

“Thuringia is an example of how the right wing of the CDU wants to take decisions autonomously and implicitly cooperate with the far-right AfD,” Enderlein said.

AfD? – If it was understood implicitly this would mean to say that – I don’t know how to speak the language – and being abbreviated by an acronym n – it could mean to say – any dreadlocks – mucking around town – are the cause of your displeasure –

I didn’t think they stopped to wonder as the Chinese press has- having cooperated the television for so long – What is this program about – What are they discussing – and can you or can you not investigate the same idea for yourself in your own language. no.

Its that bad. So, International fame is international fame – having endorsed Kramp-Karrenbauer as her successor you could say something terrible and evil – like – she is shadowing and – turn the program off.

“AKK was a still relatively inexperienced regional governor of a tiny German state,” Enderlein said. and yikes –there it is – political boil at its worst – Is this the end?

He unexpectedly called it quits on Monday. Its so pleasant – its so go-lucky its better than avon – I think there is a similar idea somewhere – and it is not on I-95 south –

The Christian Democratic Union’s (CDU) candidate – is the right idea – and it is amazing how quickly it is – unavoidable –

No, lizard soap party is not funny either – since you cant actually wind the cookoo clock anyway –

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