German Jew Vows


Its difficult to understand why a German would be south of heaven let alone in the throws of a corona virus – but a medieval sculpture of Jews engaged in obscene acts with a pig appears to be a very accurate description.

“Jew hatred is part of the DNA of European culture,” says Sigmount Königsberg

Where do they get all this stuff – Sigmount Königsberg – I say rather coyly – but if he knew the half of it – we wouldn’t be seeing at all – making it all the more difficult –

In 1570, after Luther launched the Protestant Reformation, a Luther quotation was added to the sculpture, saying, “Vom Schem Hamphoras,”

Keep in mind – martin Luther knows nothing of the sort – even more evidence. But are they being duped – its not likely –

We have to comment on this shame and not hide it. If you remove these memorials, you’ll once again make martyrs of those who continue to identify with them.”

If with them is the trouble – and it certainly says nothing of feeding them – is a Jewish historian – How can you instantly become a Jewish historian – is something for another day – one that lacks the comforts of a home – or the freedom to act with your ancestors any way you wish – even if you don’t have their souls to reckon with –

What you see of anti-Semitism today is the old anti-Judaism but wrapped in modern form.

What if you do ? – I would say so – the best form of any penance. – Although they are not exactly – jello freezer pops. – And such is the fate of most people who believed Jesus their entire lives –

“If you bring the statue down and put it closer to people,” says Staffa, “they would get to know for the first time how ugly it is, how really evil.”

Protestant and jew alike – they will take responsibility more slowly about their usual – and its deafening – and remember – at the time – it would be even better to remove any – reference to Sigmount Königsberg whatsoever – oooh man – I’m not going anywhere near there – lol

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