School tip lines off the scale out of control


“We can’t talk about school safety without also talking about mental health,” Pennsylvania state Sen. Scott Martin, a Republican, and he goes on and on and on – gets a mental health screening each year, and just as they’re required to get a physical – he doesn’t spot any flags at all.

Not necessarily. Although some students continue to be absent – and for whatever is wrong with their Facebook timeline – he, she or it doesn’t go over these statistics either.

Can you possibly imagine the scope of three thousand five hundred – reported – cases of forced transvestism? Or nearly seven hundred threats against the school – and keeping your head – no.

This is a very popular explanation – reserved for the most hardened of rent a storage units for your electricity experiments -both expatiated and exponentially – devastating.

So – seniors wondering about how to avoid the plain clothed security or whatever else they may encounter during a typical school day is very extraordinary –

As I can remember it – it was not pleasant – a towering inferno came down about the roof top – as a moon – having no way to lift it back to the sky – as it was then – no one person was aware of the magnitude as I was –

I left. The school. with the senior graduating class.

What a freshman – and what a Scorpio – all the same – I followed the dark lines across the floor as the cat suggested – at this point. I had to eventually give the cat away – my Grandfather being allergic –

I tried something else spiritual – even though I was missing more than three absences during the first few months of my freshman year – the police.

I could not believe it – take the demon there – and force the inferno into it – creating an iron rod – I used it for a couple of days only to find the vicarious explanation it had rendered to be – impossible

So I ceased this immediately – what about the oriental children – who had emphatically described a small buddah – It was true. There was spell work to do – but what – my Aunt Linda nearly drove me to insanity with the scope of her Medical education its self –

So, this is extremely effective – she explained – although if you recall – these are the result of hundreds of years of confessional seals and prognostications as well –

“cough” and a simple fitness test being the single argument for a pot belly – at the time I could not explain the rolls of fat near my hips either – later being discovered that over eating and obesity was actually a reason for it.

So what does he want– if she doesn’t know either – it IS the both the question and the answer –

Put. the. moon. back. in. the. sky. The answer was very stupid and easy once he told me himself – lol

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