Corona Virus?


Just who is at the head of the Corona Virus threat is as easy as making up for lost wishes, neither of any of them making the front page of

Droll and dull – it was said that – while sweeping up the courtyard in Mananasass it was back to back with a delicious cigarette. And at 22 degrees – while some argue it to be a disgusting habit – it presents a danger –

“We’re sure to be able to win in this battle to beat the epidemic through prevention and control,” Xi said.

Initial “warnings were not sufficient,” in so much that this terrible consequence – no win arguments or coco in the morning – could do anything about Corona Virus – or anything else they had in mind – for the emperor –

Embarrassing yourself is another – while the couch demands yesterdays banking problem and yet being no fault but your own, you did find $.35 cents.

But not those bus tokens – Oh man – Beijing had been cooperative and transparent in coordinated efforts to address the virus but availed no additional information.

The directions are so far are:

North to South – reach one of the nine planets. The planet Venus doesn’t mind telling you so – in the middle of the mall – while ordering coffee –

But the only cure seems to be to ingest part of it which makes a wike – and as the day passes over – they “allign”

(you cant use your nose)

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