What kind of virus a computer typically endures is up to the computer user – the first thing to notice is the disk being paged by the hardware –

Why would anyone torture their liver is beyond fathomable – And appalling – virus writers had it –
Sometimes the virus writers already thought about it – sell the cookies that they designed to work on their website to cover the database – and that being freely availed – where is the objectivity in saying that they are virus writers?

This question is not a question – but the answer – and being antidotal – it is worth this:

“ attempts to find the ip address associated with the browser used at signup – to avoid further inconveniencing users who appear – having entered blatantly false or misleading information as a sign-up credential. I believed that it would be advantageous to investigate – “

What is sneaky simple? “YouTubers, and Wikipedia editors a cut if they push visitors toward a malicious download. “

This Author is so capricious – it is the subject of many things like – “the me-too movement” and even the President’s impeachment trial – which had nothing to do with his motivation – his performance or his skill –

Donald Trump – bought properties – and sold them. And he sold them – and he sold them – but was successful –

So the author sells this back to himself at the expense of someone else –

“Force of habit, and lack of awareness of the current state of Flash.”

un-beliveable – absolutely un-concionable – and it gets worse – there is a criminal element – but absolutely no guilt in equally saying that –

“But it is hard to prevent such attacks on the OS level, since it’s the user who clicks on a link and downloads Shlayer and runs it, like any other software.”

There sure is – I would be busy right now – at the hacker conference – if there were not someone there to actually talk too – and there is – just not what you had in mind – And sometimes – viciously justifying their vindication toward a larger problem – or a “A big picture”

I have it – and if my experience is worth anything no one- which it isn’t – I thought of this:

  1. Can you make money from ad networks.

Answer: yes. they actually sent the check for $100 to my home address.

2. Is there anything to do at the Office besides stare at this on a table?

Answer: no. Try to find elaborate ways to answer an extremely mysterious phone.

3. Is there any point to making software for other co-workers?

Answer: no. Workers work so fast it would be contradictory not political. (350kpm)

4. Are mobile and wi-fi band transceivers in your budget?

Answer: no. The FCC was in your budget after – after you ordered those chips from over seas.

What did I actually end up doing? – taking the disk out – and reformatting it with imaging software – after the virus was discovered – lol +++

that was the end of it –

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