Robert Eugene Koehler?


Not hardly – looking God like – if that – DNA matched samples from a number of cases between 1981 to 1986 left by a suspect who became known as the Pillowcase Rapist, Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said in a news conference.

Forensic DNA sequencing – only the beginning – is also a man known for appearing as the men in black. Where Giantism – is what happens when there is not enough to say for finding the children first – before considering what DNA is –

What exactly is it then – a brush – a broom – a rod – a staff – or its a sword – that’s right – a four foot replica made out to be a metal. Glass is similar to making a metal – but that’s glass and there is Robert Eugene Koehler. Can you even imagine how that worked out in 1100 AD.

Why is he interested in UFOs – Interesting that you ask – can you pilot a star from another world – the same way you for-cast a nearby Planet? – not likely.

There are no inhabitants of the star. -Inhabitants of this planet – yes. Earth is the combination – or lack thereof – and any understanding whatsoever is left to the imagination. Unless. You. Can. See. The. Planet.

You ate the tablecloth – and whatever glass you put there and not withstanding – any dress women used to wear – “these women from these cases,” Adams said.

The head of the WWF dismissed Hulk Hogan years ago – and probably the same person to deny that getting away from any sort of professionally produced pornography is also a homosexual – says they want to know – and they will certainly tell – a different tale than Toth – keeper of souls.

Keeper of Souls ? – yes.

There is a Group – eaisly confused – let alone by not hearing them at all – anymore – even if you are 1500 years old – A hairy beast like man – that lives in an area similar to Northern California – A snow covered ice beast – that lives where ever – and respectively – a Swamp beast –

In the middle are bugbears – sickly beings that appear quickly if your not looking the right way – and straight toward that hallucination of the sayings of some old man – that same old man who is 1500 years old. Yes.

The Miami Herald first reported earlier this week that authorities believe Koehler was the Pillowcase Rapist. Where is the Miami Herald ? – With the victims and rapists. Just there –

Just there – and – next to the same person as Koehler? yes. Will they ever get out of there? – not likely – get drunk and yell – scream to the city-scape their evil plans?

Laugh at your ignorance -? Maybe.Yes. they. will.

“his DNA has been linked to numerous other sex offenses.” So there is hope. – Hope of returning there with the Galaxy around their neck! –

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