Sen. Lindsey Graham: Biden-Ukraine allegations?


If – and as if anyone wants to know a con-plan like anything wants to know – its Ukraine. From the beginning to end – who is ambiguous when anything to do with the resolve of Lindsey Graham is compared with anything to actually do in Russia. Was it Jupiter at all?

So, be forewarned, walking in on him is scarce – guns hanging on the wall – deer antler and 12 gauge shells in the front yard – some of the things you may find if anything at all. Strange thing about it is –

What is Lindsey Graham doing in Nevada – reading sign that reads – “Use of Deadly force has been Authorized” – that it – being full of holes from small arms fire – is what he is doing there –

Anyway – what am I doing – nothing – Saturn complains through the digital divide – something he rarely does – is think much about Oklahoma. –

Who had been looking into Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, where Hunter Biden served on the board. – Amsterdam, Netherlands – finally had an answer. And as for loosing any casino royal e – and it continues – anyone having this Casino and Royale in the same sentence – without Lindsey Graham is unheard of.

Until today – You may laugh but Solar Power is why – yes Solar power eliminates billing from the only freaking thing within miles of describing anything to do with Solar Power. – The water bill. –

It goes up and up and up – and scream bloody murder – loud – because – tell your scary story somewhere else – get in the truck and sincerely hope that you remember how to do a brake flair – wire electrical wires with birds – and the last bit – you’ll never ever guess – ever – replace a windshield –

So anyway – if I had to tell him myself what would I say about it? – don’t say anything. I know what it is – you know what it is – and its the only retail chain in America –

“I love Joe Biden,” Graham concluded, “but I can tell you if the name was Trump there would be a lot of questions asked.”

Well, I would try to remember that pluto is bigger than the the Washington Monument – and if he was there I would say – it has nothing to do with fpsrussia – obviously – many argue this by simply visiting the Canadian border – let alone any Mexico. –

I would say – “Does Oklahoma have Rabbits?”

“Would you like some Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream? Its on sale”

Mercury – answering the door. fast.

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