Chris Cillizza a presumed CNN editor –


Chris Cillizza, writes about Donald Trump – this time being inarticulate – but was this article about

a) reservations a character has about a person he has just met to a growing appreciation that character has of the person’s worth

b) ambivalence a character feels about his sensitive nature to the character’s recognition of the advantages of having profound emotions

c) intensity of feeling a character has for another person to the character’s concern that that intensity is not reciprocated.

d) value a character attaches to the wonders of the natural world to a rejection of that sort of beauty in favor of human artistry.

I would answer B to the article at CNN, but how would I answer given most of the article is backward to begin with – none.

Because I can is not a good enough reason – for Chris Cillizza. Not today and certainly not yesterday – or when the time comes to read it to other like minded people –

The point here is that, well, Trump appears to have no idea what he is talking about. Whether that’s because he is simply inarticulate or he really believes a) Thomas Edison still currently needs to be protected and b) America invented the wheel, we may never know.

Starting with “Trump appears to have no idea what he is talking about”

Which is an extremely dangerous thing to say – especially if you were the one saying it – but what was that about if anyone appears.

Trump likely appears because we don’t know who has an idea – and at wits end – this was a terrible terrible gregarious thing to say for Pluto – mindful of the many other things that were said of Trump.

The only thing speaking extemporaneously – is unlikely but true – “ But who, in case you had forgotten “came up with originally the light bulb.” where please or thank you would have been – or is currently – a malandrome. Why? that’s gross isn’t it? How did he do that – aren’t you the least bit curious – or repulsed – if this is literally all Chris Cillizza has to say in its entirety?

What skills does Chris Cillizza have?

What school did he graduate from?

What school will he graduate from?

I think these are better questions – for example I actually figured out how to set the altar of a $1500 budda statuette. And he never did. And he has no other skills – something to be extremely angry about – even if that were your son or your daughter. Anyhow. lol

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